Firm Strengths

Our primary strength lies in the inclusive, collaborative approach we bring to every project which encourages open communication among all involved parties. We recognize that, for every project, there is a depth of unique expertise available to inform and guide the process. In addition to the professional and technical skills of the architects and engineers involved, the projects' owners, builders and users have specialized knowledge, experience, and insights which impact the design. This recognition allows us to identify opportunities, constraints, and concerns early in the process and integrate them into the design in an efficient manner, and develop a successful outcome for everyone involved.
LeFevre Funk Architects has maintained a varied practice and our goals are simple:

• to be responsive to the immediate needs of the client/builder and the communities they serve;
• to design buildings that are flexible to accommodate changing needs over time;
• to design buildings that are durable - that will make the best use of the client’s resources;
• to use environmentally responsible materials, systems, and concepts;
• to develop built environments which are economically responsible in both the short and long term;
• to enhance our cultural heritage as represented by our built environment - to design buildings that are compatible with the existing streetscape and architecture of the neighborhood;
• to design buildings that are fully accessible to all members of the community, i.e., ADA compliant; and
• to maintain a design process which supports a collaborative relationship with the Client/Builder Group.

Our work is not only about designing a space, but creating spaces that support the serious financial mission of the company and provide an energetic environment in which to live, work and play.

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