Roymar Hall Apartments

Date of Completion: 2010
Developer: Monarch Development
Contractor: EG Stoltzfus Construction

This apartment complex consists of one 2-1/2 story walk-up building in three wings. Each building has a small central hallway at each floor with two stair towers exiting to grade, mid-level, at each side of the building. Apartments are entered at each floor via a small central hall.

The buildings will be renovated to provide at total of 24 apartments as follows: (4) 3-br apartments in South Wing, (6) 2-br apartments (one of which will be HC accessible) and (4) 1-br apartments (one of which will be HC accessible) in East Wing, and (6) 2-br and (4) 1-br apartments in West Wing. Of the 24 total apartments one will be upfitted with equipment for the HV impaired (East Wing).

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